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I'm excited to announce that I have purchased a Winnebago & will continue to create videos whilst travelling around Australia from August 2022 through the entirety of 2023, into 2024!
During this time I plan to visit & promote small towns & business' of interest. Basically, a travelling TV show, via my Facebook page!
What am I looking for to checkout? Anything to get excited about! - Send your recommendations to
Examples: Awesome landscapes/rivers/mountains | Anything Historic & Unique | Museums | old Trucks & Cars | Shows | +Must sees!
Current rough planned area timelines:
Jul-Aug: 'Bling up van' & Casino Truck show
Sep-Oct: Western/SW Victoria
Nov-Dec: Northern Victoria (Harvest)
Jan-Mar: Tasmania
Mar-Apr: Central NSW
Apr-July: Central to Nth QLD
July-Nov: West QLD/NT/Darwin
Nov-onwards: WA/SA
Nothing like heading into the unknown & "winging it" to a certain extent! Definitely still open to putting in the odd week of physical work from time to time though, whilst also promoting Truckwiz Navigation during the journey.
Advertising opportunities are & will become available as we move forward:
-Brand placement on the Winnebago
-Brand placement on specific videos
-Dedicated marketing content
-Open to any other suggestions
hit me up:
Click here for current video Advertising options
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