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Tones truckin' with Dowell Towing, specialise in machinery/heavy equipment transport anywhere in Australia 

Tilt-tray/recovery - Supertilt Trailers - Car Carrier Trailer - Fridge Vans - Drop Deck Trailers - Roadtrain - Oversize - Australia wide

During my extensive career in truck driving, I've honed a specialization in transporting over-height and oversize vehicles. My expertise extends to a deep understanding of the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) guidelines and the parameters necessary to navigate the intricacies of obtaining class one permits. With a wealth of experience under my belt, I've mastered the art of safely and efficiently transporting vehicles that exceed standard dimensions. Whether it's coordinating logistics, ensuring compliance with regulations, or overcoming unique challenges, I'm well-equipped to handle the complexities of transporting over-height and oversize loads with precision and professionalism.

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